Retail Prices & Bulk Orders Polo Gloves - ProClaim Polo
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Retail Prices & Bulk Orders Polo Gloves

Become Retailer Standard Polo Gloves

If you are interested in selling “the polo glove”  in your own shop, feel free to contact us to receive our retail prices.
For retail we sell the basic polo glove (goat leather) , the standard classic polo glove (sheep leather) and the standard new classic polo glove ( supersheep leather)

Bulk Orders Custom Polo Gloves

Next to our classic polo glove model and the 4 base colors which you can choose from in our customization tool.
It is also possible to order bigger quantity’s in all colors of the rainbow with different materials.
From 25 pairs with custom logo and text.


We work with the following materials;

Leather: Goat, sheep or SuperSheep®
Elastic Material: Spandex, Fourway, Airflow cool mesh
Knuckle Area: Neoprene or Carbon fibre knuckle protection.
Logo: PVC or Rubber
Colors: Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink

From orders of 50 pairs or creater we can create a full custom glove design  together.

From sketch, to artwork, to fabrication.

For info on all our glove sizes and how to measure your hand instructions check out our size chart