About us - ProClaim Polo
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About us

We started out in 2018 as Pologloves.com.  It  was created because we noticed it wasn’t easy for polo players in Europe to find polo gloves or sport gloves suitable for polo, at reasonable prices. So we decided to make a website were we put all kinds of different brands of gloves together for the polo sport. Making it easy for those in need of a polo glove to make a choice between a bunch of brands and prices. We used to sell Franklin batting gloves, lizard skins batting gloves both popular and used mainly for baseball. But also brands like Ona Polo, Heritage polo gloves, SSG polo gloves. All designed for equestrian sports and specifically polo.

But after that we noticed there was a demand for customized gloves or the need for players to customize their glove. A need to claim their their identity, so a new brand was born: ProClaim Polo.

Proclaim’s first product is ‘The Pologlove’ which comes in different models with different features.

Our second product are our polo elbow protectors, where we collaborate with POC sports.

Next to that ProClaimPolo is developping other smart solutions , like ‘The PoloChest’ or ‘The Polobag’ both coming soon.

So basically PoloGloves.com evolved in to ProClaimPolo.com

Any questions?
We’re here to help you!